Joeri Poesen //

So I finally find a decent internet connection, I get to work for a few hours, I go back the next day: my host has to leave town. Great.

So he recommends a good new internet place with dedicated line. Super. But their wifi is down at the moment and I've got trouble with the LAN port on my notebook. (I messed up the config when I tried to get wpa working). But: the new MSN Messenger Café Net (no affiliation with M$) on Alforqan in Aleppo, Syria: highly recommended. Prices are around 1 USD / hour for a 1024/512 leased line (about the best that's available in Syria at the moment).

So I lose 2 hours, but get it fixed in the end. Great!

So I'm coding away on a diet of coffee and coca cola when I start to get cold and hot and start shivering. There's a party in my bowels, thrown by the new little Syrian inhabitants and I'm the guest of honour.

So. Fucking great.