cck_address now supports Belgian addresses

Joeri Poesen //

The cck_address module is currently being overhauled. A full address framework is being developed – needless to say this will make the address module sweeeeet.

In the mean time, however, only US and Canadian addresses are supported. Luckily, support for Canada was abstracted into a country specific support system, which is just fancy talk meaning you can copy the cck_address_canada module and modify it to fit your needs.

Thus was cck_address_belgium born. While I’m arranging for it to be added to the official cck_address module, you can download it here:



  • all Belgian provinces are present

  • Belgian postal code format is validated (four digits)

Installation instructions:

  • unpack into modules/cck_address/countries/

Enjoy. As always, feedback sent to joeri[at]symbiotix[dot]net is appreciated.

UPDATE: Note to self: RTFM. The address module was recently overhauled, resulting in the flexible country add-in system that made the Canadian version possible in the first place. That makes cck_address_belgium the second addition. Support for The Netherlands and Luxembourg are next on my list.