And in other news: SEO drones are still lame asshats

Joeri Poesen //

When we were building Quadrupal, we decided to aggregate the four founders’ rss feeds into one feed – also known as a planet feed.

I did this by enabling the aggregator module in our Drupal
setup and adding the four feeds. I hadn’t secured this module correctly, leaving open a back door through which knowledgeable
users could add their own feed to the list.

Keep in mind that the ability to add your own feed was not published. You had to manually enter the URL to gain access to the feed entry form.

It took some marketing asshat less than a week to discover this and add a feed.
I know it was a marketing douche bag because the feed led to a blog operated by
Frederic De Schryver, owner of Optiseo, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) racketeering business.

Now either this Frederic De Schryver guy really did this all by himself to unethically influence his PageRank or some other SEO schmuck did it to make him look bad.
In any case this just once again confirms my opinions on the whole SEO business.

I know I shouldn’t generalize, but I’m pissed off so I’m allowed to.


Mr De Schryver would like the world to know he was not responsible for adding his feed to our site. He thinks I’m unfair for portraying him the way I did, and also for generalizing the SEO market. He thinks my conclusions are low and inappropriate.

Duly noted.