Focussed to the edge of insanity

Joeri Poesen //

[13:39:29] YH: did you message me a few minutes ago?

[13:40:05] JP: I’ve got new inspiration now, so I’ll see if I can get the answer. If not, I’ll ping you again. Thx!

[13:40:12] YH: ok

[13:40:27] … just making sure, i completely forgot and then thought i dreamt a skype from you or something

[13:40:57] JP: wow. no I came to the table and asked you in real life :)

[13:41:02] YH: wait really

[13:41:03] … ?

[13:41:07] JP: hehe. yup

[13:41:11] YH: omg

[13:41:12] … wtf

[13:41:21] … i must be losing it

[13:41:24] … time for more coffee

[13:41:31] JP: always!