simple ways to get creative with rss feeds in drupal

Joeri Poesen //

Just had a conversation with Benamin from Agaricdesign about RSS feeds on how to get creative with RSS feeds. I couldn’t find a feed link on their site, so I pinged them.

Here’s a (slightly reworked) snippet of my answer:

I usually have two kinds of feeds:

- those that expose content that’s categorized in a certain way. The taxonomy module automatically provides a feed for each term, like which is a feed for everything tagged with “drupal” (which is the term with id 1).

- those that I expose through “dedicated” views using the Views module. Which is just a fancy way to say I create a bunch of views solely for their feed. Like most recent blog items in French or most popular uploaded videos or …

You could make a view for all your blog content, a view for all content tagged “quicknote”, etc. This would allow you to show your articles only in teaser/full form while your “technotes” would be listed in a block in the sidebar in the form of title-links-to-content.

Additionally, both views would automatically have associated rss feeds to which anyone can subscribe…

Now, if you play around with views a bit, you’ll see that it’s a very powerful module capable of generating just about any rss feed you want to pull put of your Drupal site.