Drupal DevRoom at fosdem2008 : send in your proposals by January 25th!

Joeri Poesen //

As you may have already heard, the Drupal project was allotted a DevRoom at Fosdem2008 for 200 people for a full day.

This means a full day of Drupal talks, showcases, ad-hoc hacking and getting ready for DrupalconBoston the week after.

We’ve already received a few great proposals for technical talks on advanced theming, performance optimization, setting up Drupal in a cluster environment. However, we’re also aiming to shed some light on a the less geeky site of Drupal like how to persuade large customers and governments to use Drupal.

We’re particularly hopeful to get some talks involving the Drupal Association and the role Acquia will be taking up.

All proposals need to arrive in our mailbox by the end of Friday, January 25th. Please mention: – your full name, short bio and contact details – title of talk – excerpt – target audience – time needed

Proposals, tips, questions and comments are welcome at info (at) krimson (dot) be. Please put [fosdem proposal] in the subject line of your mail.

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