Drupal and Paris: a perfect combination

Joeri Poesen //

As I anticipated, DrupalcampParis was more than worth the trip. The one day event again showed me how amazingly the cool the Drupal community is.

So much energy, so much good spirit, so much collaboration and willingness to overcome road blocks and work together to build something for the good of all, not just for oneself or personal gain. I know this is not something new, nor is it the first time something like this happens, but it amazes me every time.

While I intended to talk about i18n, L10N, the Belgian/Dutch Drupal Community or working with international NGOs, many people were looking for an in-depth introduction. So I ended up improvising a for a couple hours, giving Drupal a good run-through and discussing topics like import/export and test-staging-live deployment scenarios and tools. Best fun I had in a long, long time.

It was cool to catch up with Dries, hang out with the Parisian Drupal scene and, last but not least, finally get to see some people in real life for the first time, like Rok ┼Żlender, Charlie Gordon, Jimmy Berry, Kevin Bridges and Douglas Hubler amongst others. They were all there for the Testing Sprint and are spearheading the effort to get 100% code coverage for Drupal Core.

Charlie, nice intro to functional testing by the way. Much appreciated. Also, your gleeful and joyous realization that assertions with localized strings actually work out of the box, was so cool to witness. You guys rock!