Free Drupal training at FrOSCon2008 and some cake too

Joeri Poesen //

FrOSCon2008 is coming up next week. Robert arranged for a hacker room again, and we’ll be teaming up for a day of free Drupal training. If you’re in the neighborhood, come find the Drupal hacker room and join us.

If that’s not enough to tickle tour interest, have a look at the rest of FrOSCon: it is packed with too many interesting talks on too many interesting topics…

Rasmus Lerdorf’s keynote ‘Simple is hard’ and Andrew Tanenbaum’s keynote on MINIX 3 should be interesting, as should these talks:

In other words, FrOSCon is the perfect warm-up for Drupalcon2008 Szeged