FC Bruges fan site Blue-army.com relaunches on Drupal, builds in support for GarageTV

Joeri Poesen //

A week or so ago the FC Bruges (Club Brugge) fan site Blue-army.com silently launched their new Drupal based site. Going steady now at 6000+ unique visitors per day.

Blue Army has an incredibly dedicated and motivated editorial team and it’s been great fun working with them the past several months. There’s something magical to working with truly passionate people.

They approached me a couple of months ago with a sliced photoshop design, a keen interest in Drupal and about a thousand questions. Their volunteer team members wanted to do most of the implementation themselves, but needed a Drupal crash course, some project guidance, a bit of troubleshooting and some custom development to glue things together.

I must say they’ve done an excellent job on the design and implementation, working after regular business hours, in weekends and during holidays to make it happen.

Along the way Blue Army has also sponsored a new video provider for the Embedded Media Field: GarageTV can now be added to the long list of supported providers.

Too bad the implementation isn’t as solid as it could be, due to the way GarageTV is built and the lack of a decent API – but more on that later. Let’s not steal Blue Army’s thunder.

Looking forward to the next iterations: Ubercart, player competition, community interaction and multi-author blogging coming up.

Good job, team!