DrupalJam3 to take place October 31st. Belgium and The Netherlands: take note and propose a talk.

Joeri Poesen //

The third edition of DrupalJam will take place on October 31st 2008 in Breda, The Netherlands. This free, cozy, fuzzy event keeps growing and its format keeps getting better and better.

Dutch is one of the official languages in Belgium and the official language in The Netherlands. Though the Dutch speaking Drupal Community could have been strictly separated into a community in Belgium and one in The Netherlands, we’re really one big happy family…

... and DrupalJam is the important event that brings us all together, several times a year.

This time around, the idea is to have introductory sessions in the morning, with one or more code sprints taking place in parallel.Talks, group discussions, showcases and a presentation on the code sprint results are scheduled after lunch.

Erik Stielstra, “Cees Segers”: and Kees Kodde are leading the effort, so you know where to send your feedback and proposals.

Original announcement on gdo: DrupalJam 3.0, vrijdag 31 oktober 2008