DrupalCon Paris 2009 Proposal submitted

Joeri Poesen //

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the proposal for DrupalConParis 2009 was cleared to be submitted to the Drupal Association.

It’s been a very interesting ride, starting from scratch and putting together a proposal for a conference that must not only satisfy but rock 1000+ of you Drupal folks out there. What pressure?

Even if the Belgian and Dutch community manage to bring the conference to Maastricht, just putting together this proposal has been important on many levels:

  • it was the first project taken on by the brand new Association Drupal France et francophone

  • old ties were strengthened and new resources found their way to the French Drupal community

  • the initial sponsorship round made some enterprises aware of the scale and maturity of the Drupal project

  • some exciting new enterprise-community relationships have been formed (more on that later)

These last few weeks the French community has grown. Working together to get this proposal out there was the best decision we made so far – I can’t imagine a better team building exercise and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who wants to take their community to the next level.

So thanks, French Drupal community.

Thanks, proposal team – Damien, Alexandre, Jean-Babtiste, Cédric, Guillaume, Ori, Julien, Greg
Thanks, early sponsors – all 10+ of you.
Thanks, Ségolène – your team will make sure partners and family have a blast in Paris

And thanks, Nestor – who missed out on a date, to make our proposal perfect, for you, drupalsphere, for you.