Local Drupal Communities in (West) Africa: one step at a time

Joeri Poesen //

Just got back from the IDLELO conference in Ghana last week. I've posted my wrap-up on the Bantalabs blog, so head over there for more info.

There are some more Drupal centric thoughts I wanted to share here: more African sites are running Drupal than we realize, but because there is no African Drupal Community to speak of, all this work, these references and experiences are largely invisible. We need more visibility, we need more advocates and we need more community.

The South African Drupal Community is doing very well - I'd love to tap into them and see what we can achieve together.

If you're working with Drupal somewhere in Africa, or thinking about working with Drupal, get in touch. Really, do get in touch. It only takes a few people per country to take the whole continent by storm. Let's start small, though. Let's cover our bases, think this through and make sure we pool our resources as much as possible.

As the Wolof proverb states: Only step by step can you get a monkey out of the bushes.