FOSDEM 2009 - DrupalRoom schedule published

2009-01-11 / jpoesen

We just published the FOSDEM DrupalRoom schedule.

Lots of interesting proposals this year. Too bad we couldn’t fit them all in but it’s great to see what’s cooking in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Talk Length Start
Welcome 15 min 09:15
Drupal: from 2001 to 2009 (Dries Buytaert) 45 min 09:30
Improving Drupal’s Page Loading Performance (Wim Leers) 45 min 10:15
Building a Community Website using Drupal (Niels van Mourik, et al) 45 min 11:00
Drupal Multi-site for Fun and Profit (Emma Jane Hogbin) 45 min 11:45
Break 30 min 12:30
What’s new in Drupal 7? (Robert Douglass) 60 min 13:00
Moving Content from Staging to Live Server (Roel de Meester) 45 min 14:00
Drupal Showcase: Uit in Vlaanderen / Cultural Activities in Flanders (Davy Van Den Bremt) 45 min 14:45
Automated Web Translation Workflow for Multilingual Drupal Sites (Stany van Gelder) 45 min 15:30
Taxonomy: Drupal’s Powerful Categorization System (Bart Feenstra) 45 min 16:15