Paris Meetup verdict: something tasty's cooking...

2008-09-11 / jpoesen

The Paris Drupal meetup yesterday was a hit again, with twice the expected number of people showing up. Even a couple of tourists like Bonnie Bogle, Eric Gundersen and Kevin Walsh dropped by.

No such thing as a ‘local community’ anymore. Interesting.

In a nutshell:

  • Many people good. Small location bad. But food in small location really good. Dilemma.
  • Education: concrete steps towards getting universities, design schools and technical colleges include Drupal in their curriculum.
  • Business: lots of job opportunities in the Paris area for designers, coders and themers. Lots.
  • Business: French Drupal business directory coming along.
  • Event: DrupalCampParis 3 coming up: October 4th 2008.
  • Event: Drupal n’Go coming up: October 5th 2008.

Looking forward to a DrupalCamp in the south of France too actually. Any takers from the Provence? Come on, don’t be shy!