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You can find out pretty much all you need to know about me at the fine hypertext providers listed below. Keen observers may notice a pattern. jpoesen Twitter jpoesen
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I’m an open source advocate, developer and trainer.

I head Training Services at Code Enigma and run Swiftcircle, a small Drupal consultancy and development agency.

I've worked with Drupal as an all-round developer since Drupal 5 (2007) and use my experience mostly as an application architect, team lead or infrastructure builder.

I'm generally available for travel but only accept long-term assignments if the bulk of the work can be performed remotely. My current timezone is GMT+1.

For the last 14 years I’ve been involved in IT projects for different clients all over Europe.

In 2008 I co-founded Krimson, Belgium’s first all-Drupal agency (first merged into Wunderkraut and then into Appnovation). In 2009 I moved to Paris to head a Drupal team at AF83, a French web agency (spun off into CommerceGuys) and in early 2010 I moved to Senegal to co-found Bantalabs (merged with Rezonova into Bantanova), an open source development and training company with offices in France, the UK and Senegal.

Mid 2014 I stepped back from managing Banatanova's Senegal office and took on an advisory role.