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On isms and belief systems

I had never given religion much thought until I spent a few years living in a predominantly Muslim country and realised how much of one's belief system permeates daily life and drives the choices we make and actions we take.

PHP/Drupal Code Quality Quick Wins, Part 3: Automated Validation with Git pre-commit Hooks

Even within small, closely-knit teams introducing new ways of doing things can take its time being adopted across the board.

PHP/Drupal Code Quality Quick Wins, Part 2: Validating Code Standards

The Drupal project has coding standards, available at, based on the PEAR coding standards (

PHP/Drupal Code Quality Quick Wins, Part 1: Linting

In this first part we’re looking at a few tools that are very easy to set up and use, yet can make a dramatic impact in the quality and coherence of your team’s codebase.

On Fear, Elephants and Letting Go

The Voice Box
I was an aggressive fat little kid who stuttered and didn't have many friends. Every day at school I was afraid to open my mouth because it would invariably lead to being laughed at.

In French class when everyone had to take turns to read a sentence out loud, I would start calculating when it would be my turn, frantically trying to figure out how to get the damn phrase out of my throat. I'd be blushing and sweating when my time had come and I'd be exhausted when it was all over.

Don't even get me started about oral presentations.

Local Drupal Communities in (West) Africa: one step at a time

Just got back from the IDLELO conference in Ghana last week. I've posted my wrap-up on the Bantalabs blog, so head over there for more info.

On Drupal, Open Source and Moving to West Africa

As some of you already know my time as project lead and trainer at af83 came to an end last December. Their Drupal team will continue to be lead by the more than capable Damien Tournoud (@damz), one of the most prolific core Drupal contributors out there.

During my time in Paris I had a blast co-organizing DrupalCon Paris, helping grow the French community and being part of the team that founded l'association Drupal France et Francophonie, the French Drupal Association.

It's made me realize that community work is what makes me get up in the morning: the connecting, the building, the learning. It's awesome to witness and a privilege to take part in.

FOSDEM 2010 Drupal Dev Room - Call for Talks

Yes, it’s that time of year again: Brussels is gearing up for the annual Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting. This year Boris Doesborg managed to secure a Drupal Dev Room, so we’re celebrating the Drupal Dev Room’s third Birthday. Yay!

To the point: the Call for Talks ends January 23rd, so if you’ve always dreamed of talking about Drupal in front of the geekiest, Europeanest audience ever, you know what to do!

Not quite the talking type but feel like contributing none the less? Then the Views 7 beta themed Drupal Code Sprint is where you want to be.

Wherein We Muse Over a Case Study of a One Day Wordpress-to-Drupal Conversion

A sad tale of neglect

We’ve been running a small educational non-profit – Edulogos – for over three years now. Until recently has been little more than a Wordpress blog with a few extra pages and an off the shelf theme. It was one of the first sites we installed on our then brand spanking new Dreamhost account and we were happy with the results.

Over time however, teaching and project work got in the way of publishing much content. Maintenance was neglected and the limits and drawbacks of Dreamhost became a detractor for giving the site the love it deserved.

We decided it was high time to redesign the site and move it over to Drupal to give it room to grow. Like repotting a plant. “Liefde en substral”, as they used to say in our home country.