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Announcing Pathway Education, Drupal Training with a Heart

After running Code Enigma's Drupal training services for the best part of five delightful years, I'm leaving the nest to kick off Pathway Education, a startup dedicated to open source technology training and educational tools.

Creating a MySQL database and a user with all privileges

Personal reminder: how to log in to MySQL on a unix system, create a database, create a user, and grant that user all privileges to that new database.

Log in as a privileged user. I use a config file to store my credentials:

Ddev database import - dealing with ERROR 1114 (HY000) Table is full

When you're importing a large database into a new Drupal development environment using ddev, you might encounter the following error:

Introduction to Drupal 8 Entity Validation

Entity validation refers to specifying criteria (constraints) which must be met before an entity can be saved (created or updated).

How to use git to restore a file you deleted ages ago

Say you're working in a git version controlled project and deleted a file or directory ages ago.

You now realise you need the deleted file/directory back.

There are many ways to do this in git. Here's a straightforward one on Linux, using zsh.
Syntax may differ slightly on other systems.

POSSE: self-publication on the web - owning, controlling, simplifying, and sharing content

Like many of you I've not been at ease with how the free and open web has been devolving into a set of walled gardens.

Howto: Drush sql-dump a Drupal database and compress the output with bzip2

Because I keep forgetting: here's a one-liner to immediately compress drush sql-dump output with bzip2. This'll work for any command that generates output, such as mysqldump and tar.

$ drush sql-dump | bzip2 > filename.bz2

If no option is provided, bzip2 assumes -c (compress).

Now, to decompress:

Parsing NGINX error logs with PHP

I needed a way to fetch and parse various system logs, including the NGINX access and error logs.

Here's an example log entry that I needed to parse into an array:

Adding alternating class names to Drupal 8 Views rows via twig

Here's a a quick and easy snippet to add alternating class names to your views rows, also referred to as 'zebra' tables or 'striped backgrounds'.

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