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Ddev database import - dealing with ERROR 1114 (HY000) Table is full

When you're importing a large database into a new Drupal development environment using ddev, you might encounter the following error:

Introduction to Drupal 8 Entity Validation

Entity validation refers to specifying criteria (constraints) which must be met before an entity can be saved (created or updated).

How to use git to restore a file you deleted ages ago

Say you're working in a git version controlled project and deleted a file or directory ages ago.

You now realise you need the deleted file/directory back.

POSSE: self-publication on the web - owning, controlling, simplifying, and sharing content

Like many of you I've not been at ease with how the free and open web has been devolving into a set of walled gardens.

Howto: Drush sql-dump a Drupal database and compress the output with bzip2

Because I keep forgetting: here's a one-liner to immediately compress drush sql-dump output with bzip2. This'll work for any command that generates output, such as mysqldump and tar.

Parsing NGINX error logs with PHP

I needed a way to fetch and parse various system logs, including the NGINX access and error logs.

Here's an example log entry that I needed to parse into an array:

Adding alternating class names to Drupal 8 Views rows via twig

Here's a a quick and easy snippet to add alternating class names to your views rows, also referred to as 'zebra' tables or 'striped backgrounds'.

1. Copy



Surprisingly Easy Recipe: Salmon-Broccoli-Courgette Quiche

Quiches are pretty straightforward to make. And you can pretty much thrown anything in them as long as you get the basics straight. They can be as light and healthy or cheesy and heavy as you want.

Minimal Viable Buddhism Part 2: The Four Noble Truths

The Buddha invited his followers time and again to not blindly accept what anyone says, teaches or preaches, but to consider the words carefully and
decide for themselves whether or not they made sense.